When and Where Are You Most Productive?

Have you ever thought about where you go when you really need to get something done? What about your agents? According to Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals, people typically answer with one of the following:

1. Place (e.g. library, bedroom, park)
2. Moving Object (e.g. train, plane)
3. Time (e.g. early mornings, late nights)

Very rarely will you find someone who actually says “the office.” Why is that? Fried says because at the office, workdays turn into work moments. Distractions are everywhere, and it’s hard to take advantage of long stretches of uninterrupted time. You could argue that distractions at home, for example, are a lot more frequent and disruptive, but Fried counters by saying that most interruptions at home (or in any other location) are voluntary. You choose to turn on the TV. You choose to go for a walk. At work, though, you have to attend that meeting or help out your co-worker.

His suggestion: Switch from active communication and collaboration (face-to-face) to more passive ways of communication like email, instant messaging, and web-based collaboration tools.

As a real estate broker, what does this mean for you and your agents? For one, consider real estate office software that let’s you do exactly what Fried suggests: access important data remotely – anytime, anywhere. Web-based office manager tools allow you and your agents to collaborate and share important files in real-time. Give your agents the opportunity to work in places where they are most productive – without ever losing contact or control!

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