Welcome Back: Better Homes and Gardens

We sat down with one of our partners earlier this week to spotlight their return to Emphasys late last year.

Emilia Antunes, Director of Administration at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service, recalls the departure from LeadingEdge (acquired by Emphasys Software) and their presumptive return when their software change wasn’t what they were expecting.

ANTUNUES: I’ve always been vocal about promoting all of the wonderful features you have because I really do think that you’ve always worked at keeping the administrators and front desk staff in mind when you’re making any new changes to the software.

EMPHASYS: Thank you, we love to hear that! Can you tell us how you first come across Emphasys Software and what prompted you to use our services?

ANTUNUES: We started the office in 2005 and basically went with Emphasys right from the beginning. I used it previously, as I had come from a RE/MAX background, and we used [Emphasys] at the front desk.

I found that it was one of the most highly regarded software’s with the majority of other offices using it as well.

EMPHASYS: What elicited your move away from Emphasys?

ANTUNUES: Our Broker of Record is big on technology. At the time, he was looking at the agent’s perspective – getting them to use the software a bit more and being able to pull up accounting reports that would be beneficial to them.

Though in theory, the new software had some nice features for the front desk, once we actually started using it, it was just too cumbersome and very slow. We also found that agents didn’t frequently use the new system and this eventually caused the staff to also be affected.

The new program became a huge sense of frustration for our front desk. I was really relieved when we went back to Emphasys. In the end, it just made more sense to come back to the product that we were happy with.

EMPHASYS: How long did you remain with the new software before you made the switch back?

ANTUNUES: I’d say for 2 years. There were a series of issues that we would draw to the vendor’s attention that needed to be fixed, or implemented.

We kept going back to them and they would tell us it was on their to-do list, but it never seemed to get done. It got to the point where it just wasn’t functioning for us.

EMPHASYS: Did you find it easy to come back to Emphasys?

ANTUNUES: Super simple. The staff was amazing. We already had the software in the system, and it was just a matter of updating. It was fantastic.

Emphasys tends to really take what we have to say and put it into their thought process to try and implement it, or work around it. If there’s an issue, Emphasys might have a fix or they’ll be implementing it for the next time around. It’s very user-friendly.

EMPHASYS: What would you suggest to others that might be in the process of switching to a new software system?

ANTUNUES: I would tell them to really test out the other product and actually use it for a period of time, even in a tutorial type of scenario, before they actually switch over. Oftentimes, things look really good – there is that old saying, the grass always looks greener on the other side.

Sometimes what looks to be a lot better from a different perspective really slows you down from the front-desk perspective. Actually test the product and look at it from the front-desk perspective; have the people that are actually using it, examine it and get feedback to really broach it carefully.

EMPHASYS: What is your favorite Emphasys feature(s)?

ANTUNUES: All of them.

One of the big things is that you can get all the details on what’s happening with the properties on the first screen, on the dashboard. You know what the status is and what it’s sold for.

The program we were using before, you had to go to a third screen before you could actually look up the information. It was just a very frustrating process. Whereas for a very busy office, you have everything you need from the first time you’re looking at the screen.

Thank you to Emilia for taking the time out to speak to us. We appreciate our nine years of partnership together and the helpful feedback we always get!

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