“Vendorship” vs Partnership: How it makes a difference

Emphasys CEO Mike Byrne recently penned a blog article to nicely sum up our view of the best relationship between a company and its software provider. He says:

Typically, I find that software providers fall into [two] styles of relationships:

  1. Vendors – these are the companies that ultimately compete on price. Vendors are always reactive to the variables within the market and grow only by chasing deals. They end up pricing themselves into a low margin business in order to win for the moment and their products eventually commoditize due to the reactive nature of their approach.
  2. Partners – these are the companies that clients call when they experience a problem or need feedback on a potential approach they are considering. Partners are “on the inside,” earning the respect of their clients over several years of shared values and effective support. They are not looking to win in the near present, but in the foreseeable future – sometimes at the expense of now.

Partnerships deliver better value to clients, which is why Emphasys strives to be valued partner instead of a vendor. We offer flexible solutions and up-to-date technology to meet your needs now and in the future, and we’ve staked our brand on providing the best training and support in the industry. It’s what a partner does.

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