Did you know…Emphasys offers the most cost effective Accounting Alternative?

Changing your accounting vendor can be seen as a daunting endeavor that will take lots of time and effort. The real truth is that any change to your current way of doing business requires some time investment on your end. Luckily, when done proactively, timed correctly and under the supervision of seasoned experts, the pain of transition can be mitigated as much as possible.

Our team of professional staff will provide you an upfront and detailed implementation schedule. By doing your homework and research now, you can be prepared for an implementation that will have you ready to go fresh in January 2014. Waiting until year end will just result in more procrastination, leaving you with the same sense of frustration next year that you are feeling today.

Do yourself a favor and start your search now. You’ll have plenty of time to determine what your needs are and compare your options.

Emphasys Back Office is enterprise-class accounting software for successful real estate brokerages like yours. It easily handles your commission payouts, agent invoicing, reporting requirements and financials. Let your software assume the burden of accounting so that you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

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[Back Office is] very user friendly and exceedingly efficient. . . . [It is] well laid out, relatively easy to master and provide[s] many features useful to real estate offices in their daily operations. The system components make data entry, deal processing, commission accounting, maintenance of trust accounts, agent billing and various other related duties streamlined and functional. I would highly recommend the software.

— Kirsten Porteous, Century 21 St. Andrew’s Realty Inc.

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