Track Inventory

Emphasys’ Front Office platform, quick!Office Commander, provides complete inventory-management features in its Supplies module, including tracking and billing.

The Inventory tab allows you to enter a description for each item, price per unit, and current amount in stock. If your office bills agents for supplies taken (e.g., stationery, folders, signs), you can create an invoice for each agent or split expenses among the team.

If you want to use this module to keep track of office inventory, record an “invoice” for your office every time you take a new item (e.g., package of fax/photocopier paper). The system will automatically adjust your inventory and will prompt you when it’s time to order new stock.


You can even use the Supplies module to monitor borrowing. For example, when an agent grabs a sign, camera, or other item belonging to the office, the front desk administrator can easily create an entry for that borrowed item. quick!Office Commander generates the date, time, and administrator’s initials. When the agent returns the item, the administrator creates another entry to indicate the item has been returned.

Import Listings and Transactions

When you use multiple software systems, you might be accustomed to thinking of duplicate data entry as a necessary evil, but it isn’t. Back Office supports the import of listings and transactions from a wide range of sources. There’s never any need to waste time entering duplicate data, because Back Office gets it for you:

  • Front Office/Virtual Office
  • SkySlope
  • dotloop
  • Your MLS
  • Trade Record Sheet/Transaction Details

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