Tips & Tricks, Issue 1, 2017

Room Scheduling

It has come to our attention that some administrators have become creative when it comes to using the Appointments feature in our Front Office platform, quick!Office Commander, as a scheduling tool. By creating a new “listing” with the indicated room/meeting address, users are booking appointments to record the “showing” agent and reserve the date and time.

Although we recognize and appreciate the initiative, there is a more effective way to accomplish this same task.

The Event Registration Calendar in Virtual Office can be used in a variety of ways for office meetings, seminars or simple room reservations. All you have to do is enter the room number, fill in a description under the Title of Event, indicate which agent needs the room and select the date and time.

Select Recurring Option if the agent needs the same room every month, or let’s say, every Monday. Automatic notes are sent to agents to remind them about the upcoming reservation. Other agents are also able to see when the rooms are available for activities.

We also wanted to formally reveal that quick!Messenger is coming soon. This means:

  • No need to whitelist your IP address with your ISP any longer
  • No more worries about exceeding your sending quota
  • No more Bell limitations on number of characters allowed

Filter Transaction Reports

Would you like to filter transaction reports by Transaction Type in Back Office? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to File Maintenance
  2. Go to Table Lookups
  3. Under Trade Codes select Transaction Type
    1. This allows you to create an unlimited number of Transaction Types, e.g. Vacant Land, Appraisal, etc.
    2. The new created Type will be displayed as an option to select

By the way, Back Office version is now in production. You can view the Summary of Enhancements here. Since the MLS number is not a mandatory field in SkySlope and dotloop, we have changed the logic of our integration, which now allows the import of transactions without MLS ID.

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