The Emphasys Evolution

noun:  The gradual development of something
synonyms: growth, development, progress

The real estate industry is evolving constantly. Homebuyers and sellers are becoming smarter in their searches, processes are being streamlined, and everything moves faster on the web.

As the industry evolves, brokerages evolve. And as brokerages evolve, the tools needed change. Real estate software companies everywhere are trying to keep up with those ever-changing demands, so they race to create the newest product on the market. More often than not, though, other software vendors forget one crucial thing:

The only way a product can meet the demands of an evolving brokerage is if the product itself is evolving as well. 

At Emphasys, our vision is customer-focused. Your needs evolve, and so does our product set, which allows for change and constant growth. In fact, our products are often created and updated based on input from client brokerages.

Everything we do is designed with your brokerage’s evolution in mind. That’s why we’ve built a full suite of real estate broker software products. What does it mean to you and your brokerage?

It means that one powerful platform addresses all your real estate office management needs. It also means that, because all systems are integrated, you and your agents spend less time entering data and more time closing deals.

This powerful, integrated platform also addresses a major issue in real estate: compliance. As brokerages are evolving to keep up with procedures, we focus on data integration between all Emphasys systems. For example, your document and transaction details are archived on encrypted servers to meet real estate board guidelines, which means less data entries, and ultimately less data errors. And, permission-based admin controls allow for all your sensitive documents and financial information to be in your control, preventing fraud and document manipulation.

The real estate industry is constantly changing, and compliance procedures are just a small part of it. Evolution is an ongoing process, and as long as your brokerage continues to evolve, so will we, and so will our products.

That’s the Emphasys Evolution.


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