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Real Estate Software Adoption Challenges (Part I)

Have you been thinking about streamlining your brokerage with new real estate broker software solutions but worry that your agents may be reluctant to adopt it? This isn’t uncommon. Many people simply don’t like change, because change means uncertainty. Your agents may ask: Am I going to be able to adapt to the new situation? Will I be able to do

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The Emphasys Evolution

ev·o·lu·tion noun:  The gradual development of something synonyms: growth, development, progress The real estate industry is evolving constantly. Homebuyers and sellers are becoming smarter in their searches, processes are being streamlined, and everything moves faster on the web. As the industry evolves, brokerages evolve. And as brokerages evolve, the tools needed change. Real estate software companies everywhere are trying to

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When and Where Are You Most Productive?

Have you ever thought about where you go when you really need to get something done? What about your agents? According to Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals, people typically answer with one of the following: 1. Place (e.g. library, bedroom, park) 2. Moving Object (e.g. train, plane) 3. Time (e.g. early mornings, late nights) Very rarely will you find someone who

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