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The Successful Broker’s 2 Rs: Recruiting and Retention

Finding, hiring and keeping successful real estate agents are critical factors in every top brokerage’s success. Recruiting was the “number one business worry for the nation’s top real estate brokerage executives,” according to a survey highlighted in a RISMedia article. Retaining talent is as crucial as attracting it. Can anything hurt worse than watching your number one agent defect to

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Build or Buy? Considerations for Acquiring Real Estate Broker Software

To build or to buy? In the world of software, it’s an age-old question some might even consider a “question of Shakespearean proportions,” according to InfoWorld. This question also applies to the real estate industry. Should you build your own real estate broker software or should you implement a pre-existing solution built by a third party vendor? There are typically two

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Do You Supply What Consumers & Agents Demand?

The real estate industry has evolved immensely over the years, in large part because technology has changed the way we do things. In fact, technology has a major influence on the shift in expectations by consumers. What has stayed the same, however, is the basis on which business functions. Economics 101 Business starts with the consumer. If a consumer demands

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