Real Estate website Myths

Whether you’re new to the world of real estate or running a large franchise, you know that having a real estate website(s) is a must have. A realty website can work wonders for a broker office. In fact, all those who feel that a website is not the adequate tool to generate income are wrong. Read on to know how a website can prove to be the most profitable aspect of your business.

Setting 6 Myths straight about Real Estate websites

Here are some misconceptions regarding realty sites and the truth behind them.


Myth 1- A website is only meant to list images and advertisements.

Truth- Though this might be true for certain companies, it is not how all agents and brokers use their websites. An effective website is one that offers great content that prospects can’t resist. In the perfect scenario, the content is so fantastic, that consumers are interested enough to enter their contact information. Once they do so, they move down the sales funnel that helps generate commissions and profits in future.

Myth 2- Forced web registrations on real estate websites get more leads.

Truth- A website can get the maximum interested leads only with valuable content and special offerings. Any other format that asks for registration information leads prospects to drop quickly.

Myth 3- An advertisement phone call or a walk-in is a better way to gain clients than website leads.

Truth- No, over 90% of today’s real estate research starts online. However, if the website owner or sales team is not quick enough in answering queries, leads will soon be lost to competitors who are quicker to respond. Also keep in mind that real estate websites that reek of sale requests are a turn off to potential consumers.

Myth 4- Qualifications impress prospects.

Truth- No, prospects are not that interested in knowing about the company. They’re looking for the fastest way to search through listings so they can find what they are looking for. Try and use current information instead as the focus, instead of only listing past accomplishments. If you’re goal is for visitors to return to your site again, work on adding newer and more useful content on an ongoing basis.

Myth 5- Google & Bing guarantee top search engine rankings.

Truth- Yes they do, but only due to the tricks that might place the website on top for a couple of hours. What keeps a website on the top is not the guarantee offered by these self proclaimed gurus, but the use of several SEO strategies along with up to date, relevant and valuable content.

Myth 6- Template websites are rejected by search engines.

Truth- Pre-designed websites that allow the webmaster to do most of the work on their own are considered by the search engines. However, those template websites that follow a similar format for all entries almost always get rejected.

Building a relevant website can keep the site at the top of search rankings for weeks. Work on creating original content and resources that potential buyers need. Once you are able to achieve this, you will know how realestate websites can actually work wonders for a realty management company.



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    March 17, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    Definitely agree w/ no. 2 and 3!

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