Have you been thinking about streamlining your brokerage with new real estate broker software solutions but worry that your agents may be reluctant to adopt it? This isn’t uncommon. Many people simply don’t like change, because change means uncertainty. Your agents may ask: Am I going to be able to adapt to the new situation? Will I be able to do my job well with the new software?

The goal of this series is to understand software adoption challenges in real estate. In part I, we review why agents may be reluctant to adopting new software. Part II provides a focus on how to successfully manage change in your brokerage and boost software adoption rates. As you most likely already know, change is crucial to the survival of your business. History is full of examples of organizations that failed to change and are now struggling or no longer exist. Just think about Digital Equipment or Blockbuster.

Everything around us is constantly moving, and standing still means falling back. The real estate industry, much like any other industry, is continuously evolving.  Unfortunately, many brokerages are still faced with the challenge of getting their agents to adopt new real estate brokerage management software. As technology continues to improve, it comes with great benefits for real estate brokers who choose innovation over immobility. However, some are more change averse than others for one of the four main reasons people resist change:

Parochial Self-Interest

Some people are concerned with the implication of the change for themselves rather than for the business. For example, new software may mean that agents have to learn new methods of data entry. Although the new software is a great benefit to the brokerage, agents may not see it that way. Before anything else, they consider the effects the change will have on them first.


Misunderstanding can stem from communication problems or inadequate information. Many agents simply may not understand the need for change or understand the benefits of new broker management software. Even worse, if they are not adequately informed about the change, some agents may fear that the new software poses a threat to their jobs.

Low Tolerance for Change

People are different in their personalities, and some may have a low tolerance for change. Some like routines that provide security and do not like uncertainty and that is precisely why they fear change. Other people, conversely, enjoy a continuous search for change and risk-taking. People are different. It’s as simple as that.

Different Assessments of the Situation

Finally, some agents may have different views on the proposed advantages of new software. What a broker may see as an advantage, a real estate agent may not. Thus, if the proposed benefits for making the change are not seen as adequate, agents may resist the change.

Understanding why your agents may resist change is just the first part. The next step is exploring ways to successfully manage change in your brokerage and boost software adoptions rates.

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