A big issue for many real estate brokerages nowadays is their struggle to allocate time. It’s very common to walk into a small real estate business and find files stacked to the ceiling, making a deal time consuming and evidently more difficult to close. Technology, as most brokers are aware, provides an archive that assists in the storage and instant accessibility of information.  For the brokers that are aware that they need to adopt these changes and don’t know where to start this is for you!

How can technology save you time?
By going digital you can integrate your transaction management module with your listing management and accounting modules, allowing instant accessibility to all of your information and more importantly eliminating those file stacks.

Virtual Front Automation

By creating a front automation process brokers can easily communicate with their agents and vice-versa- all thrrough a virtual platform. This gives the ability to view all of the information, appointments and property showings that are scheduled or completed. Systems such as Virtual Office contribute to this benefit as well as allowing brokers to integrate with their transactions, accounting and listing modules.

 Getting Found

Over 90% of listing searches begin on the internet. It is more important now than ever to have your property listings easily found when prospects are searching. The implementation of websites adds to this marketability. With the creation of a brokerage site, agents can demonstrate their property listings on a monitored site where agents and administrators can modify content directly from the virtual front desk automation.

The biggest advice that should be directed to brokers is to embrace technology.

Change can sometimes be overwhelming and trust us, we know that it can be difficult to break out of that comfort zone. But technology is unavoidable in today’s era. By learning to use it effectively, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and save your business a lot of money in the process.

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