Easy QuickBooks Integration for Real Estate Accounting

QuickBooksTM is a popular accounting choice for real estate brokers, and for good reason. It’s easy to use, reliable, and seemingly universal. When your brokerage hires new people in finance, you don’t have to worry about training them. There won’t be a learning curve. They’ll already know how to use it. An equally important factor: with QuickBooks, your data belongs to you, which is not always the case with some other accounting solutions.

The only real drawback to QuickBooks for real estate brokers is that it’s not customized for real estate accounting. In many situations, a dedicated real estate accounting solution may be right for your business, but if you already have QuickBooks at your brokerage, why disrupt the office with an unnecessary software implementation? QuickBooks can certainly do the job. The trick is finding real estate back office software that truly integrates with QuickBooks.

Many software options for brokers say they integrate with QuickBooks, because they know just how important this feature is. But in reality, they offer a tedious, manual process that involves downloading transactions from your back office into a CSV file, and then uploading the file into QuickBooks. It’s hardly a seamless experience for your administrative staff and accounting team, who must coordinate with each other to share the data. Worse, your QuickBooks accounting data is stale almost from the moment you start your day.

As a real estate broker, you have a better solution available. With a single click, the BrokerOffice Back Office system synchronizes easily with QuickBooks. Back Office handles everything your brokerage needs – from multi-level commission plans to management reports that track profits and agent productivity – and then sends the accounting data to QuickBooks in real time. Your financial data will never be stale, and this integration saves time and reduces errors because your staff will never again have to enter the same transactions twice.

January 1 will be here before you know it. If you’re considering a change with your back office or real estate accounting system, now is the time to take action. Our real estate experts can evaluate your business and make the best technology recommendations for your situation. Click here for more information.

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