How does your pricing work?

Emphasys offers various management software solutions designed for real estate companies of all sizes. Because each business is unique, with its own set of requirements, over the years we’ve found that a customized approach to pricing is favored. Emphasys solutions can be purchased in a bundled set or a la carte to offer the most amount of flexibility. You pay only for the features you need and leave out the rest. And you can always add on as your business grows.

What are the differences between Back Office and REALedger? Which is better?

Both systems are powered on the latest technology and offer very robust commission management and reporting tools. The biggest difference boils down to a preference of accounting systems– “better” is in the eye of the beholder. In addition to commission management and reporting, REALedger offers integrated accounting functions such as GL, AP, AR, credit card and ACH processing. Back Office on the other hand, leans on QuickBooks® for these functions. Both systems otherwise operate quite similarly.

Over the years, we’ve found that some clients prefer to use QuickBooks® as their accounting system of choice (very easy to use, widely adopted, their accountant already uses QuickBooks® etc) while others prefer a single solution to meet all their accounting needs. Full on-board training and support is provided for both Emphasys systems.

How is Emphasys different from other software providers ?

The software industry is always moving at top speeds, consistently innovating new technology, leveraging the compounding growth in hardware. Due to this constant and increasing velocity of change, companies tend to experience a revolving door of relationships with providers entering and leaving the market in the blink of an eye – much faster than the business of the companies themselves.

Typically, software providers fall into 2 styles of relationships:

Vendors – these are the companies that ultimately compete on price. Vendors are always reactive to the variables within the market and grow only by chasing deals. They end up pricing themselves into a low margin business in order to win for the moment and their products eventually commoditize due to the reactive nature of their approach.

Partners – these are the companies that clients call when they experience a problem or need feedback on a potential approach they are considering. Partners are on the inside, earning the respect of their clients over shared values and effective support. They are not looking to win in the near present, but in the foreseeable future – sometimes at the expense of now.

When a Vendor has a bad relationship with its client, it tends to build fences around its offering (often resulting in clients feeling “nickeled and dimed to death”). As a result, the moment an opportunity arises for clients to switch, they take it. From the client’s perspective, if this type of unsatisfactory experience is all they are going to get from their Vendor, they might as well get it for a lower price somewhere else.When you run businesses like we do, the key is not only to gain new clients, but also to ensure that they are happy and never want to leave.

Over the years, we’ve learned that the core for a lasting client partnership lies in focusing on the client’s needs – actively engaging on understanding your business challenges, and then proactively trying to provide a solution that exceeds expectations.
In order to do this successfully, our approach is to really understand our client’s overall business, not just what software they use.

How do data connections work

Our goal is always to reduce the amount of data entry points for end users. Emphasys systems connect to most MLSs across the country through standard RETS feeds. We also support data exchanges with third party partner vendors, including the industry’s most well-known transaction management systems (TMS). Emphasys also supports the industry’s tightest integration to QuickBooks®.

Which versions of QuickBooks® are compatible with Emphasys?

Any Windows Desktop version of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) as well as QuickBooks Online (Essentials or Plus).

Do you offer cloud (online) applications?

All Emphasys systems can be installed on your PC or dedicated servers (self-hosted). Emphasys also provides online cloud services using the latest in hosting technology to allow remote access from any PC. Cross platform compatibility (Windows and Mac OS) is available with a cloud service subscription.

Are we too small for a broker management system (BMS) like Emphasys ?

Effective broker management systems (BMS) streamline data management while also delivering significant ROI: crucial to growing companies regardless of the size. If you’re considering implementing new software solutions or replacing outdated systems, chances are you have the volume to justify software to manage it.

Tell me more about your company?

Emphasys Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. A publicly traded company (TSX: CSU), Constellation provides software in over 80 different vertical markets on six continents with over 3,500 employees generating consolidated revenues exceeding US$2 billion in 2017. Emphasys’ trusted solutions have helped thousands of public and private entities across North America improve their operations and drive growth with the superior product functionality and innovative technology that today’s businesses demand.

Our client base spans from small firms to multi-national corporations with interstate offices servicing thousands of agents. These corporations have made a commitment to partner with Emphasys Software knowing this partnership will maximize their return on investment in the decades to come. By leveraging these market-leading relationships and making our clients’ part of our focused feedback, we strive to consistently deliver innovative technology that meets the needs of the industry’s most successful real estate companies.

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I’m looking for listing and showing management software as well as an online portal for my agents.

Commission Management

I currently use QuickBooks® and looking for software to handle sales tracking, commissions, and reporting.

Accounting Management

I’m looking for commission management, reporting, and a fully integrated accounting solution.

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