Pinterest: The Next Big Real Estate Tool?

If you haven’t dared to jump on the social media bandwagon just yet, now is the time to reconsider. After all, almost no one today buys or does anything before searching for information online. Much of this information is sought through social media platforms, and Pinterest, one of the fastest-growing sites ever, is one of them.

Pinterest is an online “pinboard” that lets users create, manage, and share collections of interests mostly in the form of pictures.

Could it be the next big real estate tool? Apparently, Pinterest helps agents and brokers get their websites noticed. Here’s how: Create a board for yourself, your business page or your team. Search engines give higher rankings to websites with lots of social interests. So the more people pin your pictures or websites onto their own boards, the higher the website will ultimately rank.

Watch the video below by ActiveRain and Internet Marketing Specialist Designation for an introduction and explanation of Pinterest. Learn how it works and how it can benefit your real estate business.


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