Killer Apps: When technology kills productivity

If you’ve ever spent 45 minutes on hold just to talk to a tech support rep, then you have a good idea of what it’s like when technology distracts you from what you really want to be doing. Whether it’s selling more houses, recruiting more agents, or spending more time with your family – technology should be helping your accomplish those things, not distracting you from them.

Entrepreneur has a good article by Thomas Hansen that covers some of the questions you should ask yourself to see if technology is hurting more than helping. We’ll cover them here briefly, but it’s worth heading over to read the full article:

Is technology making my job easier or harder?

Technology should make your life easier and give you the flexibility to adapt quickly to the changing needs of your business….If you’re a salesperson who is tied to your desk as a result of technology that doesn’t sync across your different devices, your time meeting with customers and growing the business will significantly decrease.

The sad fact is that technology is prone to the latter – making your job harder. We often see this at brokerages where spreadsheets are still the main way of tracking commissions. Yes, they get the job done, but if you want to glean any actionable business intelligence from those spreadsheets, be prepared to spend some serious time crunching numbers.

It also comes into play where brokerages are trying to use back office software solutions that are designed to work one way, and that one way doesn’t match with your business processes. The technology that is supposed to make your job easier ends up being a huge source of frustration.

Does my technology ‘just work?’

In general, the best technology solution for entrepreneurs is the one that takes the least amount of time and effort to set up, configure and maintain. This is where cloud-based productivity solutions can really help: The cloud gives you access to the resources of big IT without the need to build it out yourself.

Well, does it? Or do you have to spend time worrying about hardware and networks and a half dozen other things that have nothing to do with selling houses. Hansen’s suggestion to look into cloud-based solutions is a good one. Let someone else worry about IT while you focus on running your brokerage.

Am I really the right person to deal with this?

“Tech support person by default” is one of the many roles an entrepreneur fills. But there are more valuable uses of our time than helping employees with password management and troubleshooting applications.

You know what? Probably not. Odds are you are not the right person to be dealing with whatever technological “it” that has come up. You opened a real estate brokerage to help build communities. You probably never saw yourself dealing with technical issues related to software.

You had one job, Technology… one job

Technology has just one function: make your life a work easier. If you have software that is not doing that, then it’s time to reevaluate its place at your business. Maybe it needs to be eliminated. Maybe it needs to be replaced.

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