Three Reasons Why You Should Implement Your New Accounting System Before Summer Hits

Summer is right around the corner. Time to dust off those bathing suits and lather up on sunscreen. Before the heat settles in and you embark on your next trip, this is a good time of year to upgrade your brokerage’s software systems.

We know summer can be a busy month to apply major changes to your accounting software. But, settling into a new system doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

We went ahead and put together three reasons why you should implement your accounting software before summer begins:

1. Summer Means Selling

We know summer is the ideal selling season. 50% of homes are sold during the summer.

Agents have the perfect weather to present each home; whether it’s showcasing the lush landscape outside or highlighting the growing flowerbeds, sunshine breathes more life to properties than the dreary cold.

During this time, your brokerage might find itself occupied with incoming leads and additional marketing efforts. Sorting out your accounting system before this hectic time ensues will allow you and your team to focus on this prime selling period.

2. One Step Ahead of the Competition

Any good travel planner knows to check the peak timelines for their final destination. Making sure you and your group won’t be paying inflated prices for airplane tickets, or be surrounded by twice the number of tourists, can save headaches and money.

The same thing applies to your real estate accounting system. Once other brokerages start to settle down after the busy summer selling, they will also begin their search for new vendors.

Control the timeline and prioritize your business needs. Browse the market at your own leisure and obtain competitive pricing. Implementing this spring will allow your brokerage to have the best service and attention.

3. Traditional Timing Is Not Always the Best Timing

Waiting for the New Year seems like a reasonable time for implementation. Yet, you might find yourself second-guessing this decision when you realize it’s also tax season.

Organizing your documents, double checking for errors and sending out 1099 forms while embarking on a new software program can rough. Depending on your situation, now might be a better time to upgrade your systems.

Getting a head start in spring allows you the leisure and freedom that you’re not likely to have at other times. Dedicate the time and effort early on to find the right vendor and program.


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