Front Office Corner, July 2013

What’s New?

quick!Office Commaner 3.64 BETA has been installed at over 30 companies. This beta version has been working smoothly, and we are planning to move this new version to production in the first week of August. Some of new features include:

  • “Condition Fell Through” and “Just Listed” notifications are added to quick!Promotion
  • Ability to store documents related to the transactions
  • Security Levels control now who can Add / Edit and Delete Supplies

More details can be viewed here.

Did You Know?

Your agents can generate Trade Record Sheet from Commander Virtual Office.

Often, creating a Trade Record Sheet is a painful process for your agents and support staff, with unnecessary back-and-forth communication. Front Office streamlines the process. Agents don’t have to waste time writing down all the information because Front Office populates most of it automatically from the listing. Support staffers no longer struggle to read the agent’s handwriting, or pull out their hair when the agent accidentally leaves out some information. If the record is incomplete for any reason, the support staffer simply clicks the Incomplete button, which will generate a message to listing agent.

Front Office Q&A

Q: Can the agents include their own questions in Showing Feedback request?

A: Yes. The office Admin has the ability to add new questions. The agents have an option to select the questions they want to use for their listings (Agents Tools / Edit Showing Feedback Questionnaire).

Q: Can the agents resend Showing Feedback?

A: Yes. Select “My Showing Feedback Summary” from the Appointment Menu, click on Action on the right side and select Request.

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