Front Office Corner, Issue 1, 2014

Front Office Corner

What’s New?

The quick!Office Commaner 3.67 beta was successfully tested and will be available this month for production. This version was mainly created to support integration with our Back Office (qTRS) program. Agents who log into Virtual Office can now view/print their 1099 / T4A, freeing the office from mailing / e-mail each agents their Tax Report.

Some other new features include:

  • Implemented import listings from Ottawa Board
  • Enable customized “Reply To” address for offices using a Gmail account
  • Agents can add the transaction to Trade Record Sheet page when they represent the Buyer end
  • Ability to customize the labels in Agents Corner

More details about this release can be viewed at

Did You Know?

Every outgoing SMTP mail server’s provider has a limit of emails you can send. Some providers restrict the number of e-mails sent hourly, while others restrict on a daily basis. You should contact your provider to find out your limitations, so when you send Group Pages, your email account will not be temporarily blocked. It will look like all the messages have been sent, but no message will be delivered to your agents. Here are a few suggestions on how to handle this:

  1. Contact the host of your outgoing SMTP mail server(s) and ask if they have a business account that lets you send more emails each day to support your business.
  2. Talk to your IT company and find out if they provide an alternative that will work better for you.
  3. Promote Virtual Office; ask your agents to log in to find information such as Meetings and Events Scheduler, New Listings, Open Houses, Agent-to-Agent posts, Professional Services recommended by the company.
  4. Create additional SMTP account (for example Gmail). When one account reaches its limit, the system will automatically search for alternatives and will send the messages using second account.

Front Office Q&A

Q: What is the difference between Resources and the Documents option in My Listings?
A: Resources contains general documents to be used by sale representatives. It can include real estate forms, educational documents or even a newsletter. When your agent needs one of the forms, instead calling and asking you to fax it, they can download it to their home computer and use it at their convenience.

Documents in My Listings are related to specific transactions. The listing agent and office admin can download all the documents, such as the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, Waivers, Offers, Amendments, etc. You and the listing agent can easily access these documents 24/7 whenever you need to check information.

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