Integrated Transaction and Document Management

dotloop integrates with Emphasys

Our partnership with dotloop TMS offers real estate brokerages a truly integrated end-to-end broker management platform. This means all your data – from listing to closing – can be synched across systems, eliminating multiple data entry and improving transaction efficiency. Now you can combine all the dotloop functionality you love (transaction management, document reviews, and compliance processes) with the power of back office commission management and accounting utility – all through a seamless integration between two of the industry’s leading systems.

  • Pull pending and closed transactions with ease
  • Sync updated or newly added transactions
  • Sync agent and third party contact information
  • Eliminate time consuming data entry
  • Improve workflow efficiencies and productiveness across your entire company

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About dotloop

dotloop is the leading collaboration platform in real estate where more than 1.2 million professionals get deals done. It enables agents, brokers and third-party service providers to complete entire transactions online, bringing people, documents and tasks into one workspace called a “loop.” dotloop allows brokers to run a better business by increasing visibility, retaining top talent and reducing operating costs.

The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. dotloop is owned and operated by Zillow Group. To learn more about dotloop, visit