How to Tell if Cloud Hosting Is Right for You

Quick, what’s your brokerage’s Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)? Do you even have one?

If your answer is somewhere along the lines of, “What’s that?” or “No, we don’t have a plan in place,” then it’s pretty easy to tell whether hosted software is right for you: Yes, yes it is.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of having a DRP in place at your real estate brokerage. Your data is critical to daily operations. A catastrophic failure is only one hurricane, earthquake, flood, tornado, fire or hack away. If you don’t even have a plan for coping with these scenarios, your best option is to have someone do it for you. Then you can say, “Yes, I have a DRP. My software is hosted, and my vendor handles that.”

Sure, you could opt to put a DRP in place right away, but did you read that article mentioned in the first paragraph? How many brokerages have the time and resources for that? Writing a DRP is hard enough. Actually executing it during a crisis is hard to do well. Many brokers feel more comfortable in leaving it to experts.

“But I Answered Yes”

If your brokerage does have a DRP, then congratulations! It means you’ve been proactive in an important, strategic area that others often overlook. After reading the article above about DRPs, though, you might be wondering of your brokerage’s DRP is adequate.

Depending on your circumstances, switching to hosted software might be the smartest decision for your brokerage. A lot of businesses with DRPs realize too late that the plan wasn’t robust enough. You wouldn’t be the first company, for example, to make the mistake of keeping all your backups in the same physical location as your original data. An office fire or a flood could cause you to lose everything.

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