Back Office Corner, July 2013

What’s New?

We have a few new features in Back Office. Take a look:

  • Legal Description and PID fields are imported from Front Office
  • A Documents tab has been added to transactions to display documents uploaded via Commander Virtual Office
  • Real Estate Trust Ledger Summary report includes new column labeled, “Deposit Date”
  • Enhanced functionality to support Brokerage requirements to issue 1099’s when commission is being paid directly by Title/3rd Party Companies

Did You Know?

Back Office supports the ability to track income/expenses by transaction type. This feature allows brokerages to see income for referrals, new homes, etc.


Q: How can we enter transaction referrals from other brokerages?

A: The best way to deal with one of your agents who is receiving a referral from another brokerage is to handle it like a buying-end transaction. The referring office should be entered as the Selling Broker, so that you are still able to invoice them for commission receivable. We always recommend that the referring office enclose a copy of their transaction record sheet, so that users can enter the correct Seller and Buyer details.

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