5 Reasons to Attend Real Estate Conferences

One thing virtually all real estate conferences have in common is that they all give attendees a face-to-face experience with the content. Whether that content happens to be the latest broker management software, or an instructional course on the future of the real estate industry, attendees are able to absorb information in a way that reading an article or joining a conference call just doesn’t come close to. In addition to that, networking with industry leaders and other related businesses is a great way to establish a wider professional network and build brand recognition among prospects.

We’ve included 5 reasons to attend real estate conferences.

Professional Networking

Never underestimate the power of face-to-face networking. The people you meet at real estate conferences are generally the decision makers. These are the movers and shakers who can make the difference between a good quarter and a great one.

Imagine meeting the head of project management of a large local brokerage that handles most of the larger deals in town. As a real estate professional, you offer extremely fast and efficient service that gives you the ability to close deals with ease. That meeting, and the relationship that develops thereof, could eventually be the start of a profitable referral network for your business. How you present yourself, the conversations you have, and the information you bring to these conferences can leave a good impression to you peers, especially in an industry that is constantly shifting and evolving.

Real estate conferences are also a great venue to meet new people and make new friends. These friends may be of a business interest to you as well, but hanging out with like-minded individuals who enjoy discussing the same topics as you is a lot of fun. With today’s technology, carrying on these relationships has never been easier, long after the conference is over.

Test the Latest Technology

Real estate conferences are a great place to get a hands-on demonstration of what the future holds for the consumer and corporate markets. If you could go to one place and see the next big gadget, or learn about the next big software- weeks or even months before it launches- a real estate conference is the place you want to be.

Industry-specific conferences (such as the National Realtors Conference and Expo) are a prime place to visit software vendors while also attending panels and keynotes announcing the latest features in more detail than you would find on a blog review after the fact.

You can couple this hands-on experience and first-hand knowledge with the ability to actually talk to experts after their panel discussions. Many times, speakers make themselves available to attendees after their presentations and throughout the length of the conference. After all, they need to network, too.

Business Insight

Real estate conferences are rooted in the idea of bringing thought leaders and industry innovators together to discuss the latest insights for a given field. Discovering technologies that you may not have known about, successes of certain processes, and what’s ahead for the future of your business are all big reasons you should consider attending. Speakers are often experts in their field, and the advice they dispense in their presentations are (or should) usually be insightful and reliable.

Attending a real estate conference can even spare you from having to hire a consultant to tell you the same information you could get by simply attending. In the world of real estate, knowledge is power.


It’s no secret that conferences are a great place to pick up a ton of swag. Usually, it means free pens, a thumb drive, water bottles, and other gadgets that can be cool to have around the office. If you attend a large conference, you might even end up with enough free t-shirts to keep you clothed for quite a while. Can you make the price of admission back in swag? Not unless your ticket was free and you live in the area. Still, it’s something to look forward to.

Promo Codes and Exclusive Offers

Real estate software vendors companies are often beta testing their upcoming services and/or products. Attending a conference is a great way to get access to a closed beta as many of these companies are searching for beta testers with some demonstrated passion about the product. Often, companies will hand out promo codes to attendees or offer a sign-up form at their booth.  Emphasys Software NAR 2011 This is a much more reliable method of breaking through that barrier of entry than simply filling out the form on the company website and hoping you win the lottery.

At the recent 2011 NAR show, Emphasys Software was promoting their Agent and Broker products at a discount. This is usually a trend found in conventions (more known for being a gathering than an organized series of discussions), but every event is different.

Do you attend industry conferences related to your industry? What do you like or dislike about them?


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