Do you know the 3 digital realities that brokers face?

These digital realities did not develop overnight. They have evolved over the last decade. If your software hasn’t evolved to keep up, it’s a sign that your vendor doesn’t really understand your business needs.

Digital Reality #1

Work environments have gone mobile.

Regardless of how impressive your offices are, attracting top agents means you have to give them the tools they needs to work anywhere. Attracting top talent is key. As a broker, your reputation depends on high standards. You want to attract and retain the best. When you providing your agents with highly productive, flexible working conditions, it makes your brokerage a more appealing choice compared to your competitors.

Digital Reality #2

Consumers and agents alike have embraced a 24/7 digital world.

Today, having a great infrastructure isn’t about the physical assets a broker brings to the table. Instead the need is digital. A 2011 study by the National Association for Realtors (NAR) concluded that nearly 60% of agents and broker-associates saw value in real estate technology provided by the broker. It’s the virtual tools that attract and produce successful agents. It’s your virtual assets that attract leads and repeat business.

Digital Reality #3

Technology infrastructure isn’t just a requirement; it’s now a competitive differentiator.

Does your software struggle to meet the needs of a mobile, 24/7 workforce? Have savvy consumers expressed dissatisfaction with your website? Did your software have to have to undergo a disruptive implementation when your vendor rolled out something new? Worse, did you have switch to a new vendor altogether just to get the technology you need to satisfy your agents and clients? These are all signs that your software vendor isn’t evolving as it should. The failure to evolve eventually creates the need a revolution, and it puts you and your brokerage at a competitive disadvantage.

The Emphasys Evolution

Revolution is expensive. It’s disruptive to your business. Evolution is much more subtle. It allows you to make small changes every few months or over a few years so that, over time, you can better run your business. When your software keeps up with technological changes, you won’t lose momentum as you grow.

Emphasys Software partners with brokers to provide technological solutions that change over time as your needs change. We understand your business, so we’re able to evolve with you. Our enterprise software suite takes an all-in-one approach to cover all your technology needs:

  • Marketing – capture and route leads in real time
  • Front Office – offer 24/7 mobile access to agents
  • Transactions – process transaction in minutes, not hours
  • Back Office – view commissions, deductions, fees, marketing data, forms, and reports

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